A Taste of Hawkeye

 A Taste of Hawkeye

Wild Game Dinner Saturday January 4 2020 12:00 Noon

All Hawkeye Members Welcome to Attend

Before the dinner a Club Champion Shoot Off will be held on the Practice Range

Hunters bring a Game Dish to pass

Non Hunters and those without extra Game to share bring a side dish, bread or a desert

Please supply a label for each dish as to what the dish is and who / where the game was harvested

If possible, write down your recipe for a Hawkeye Cook Book

Club will supply paper goods, beverages, stove top, oven, gas and charcoal grills along with campfire wood for those who would like to cook their dish that morning. There are also plenty of electric outlets for crock pots etc.

There will be a bulletin board setup for Members to post pictures of the past season’s fish, fur and game harvested

Bring this Season’s Deer racks to be scored

Archery Killed Deer can be entered into the annual Big Buck Contest

More info to come….

Questions contact Brian at or Jim at

Taste of Hawkeye


Game Dishes - Venison stew (s), Two different pheasant dishes from two different Members, Venison Chili (s), Nadine's Venison Swedish meatballs (I can personally attest to how great they taste as she has made them in the past), Mystery Venison dish, Smoked Venison Polish Sausage, Corned Venison, Another Mystery Venison dish, Traditional Mince Meat, Venison Burrito Bake by Hawkeye's very own Chef Rob, Shepard's Pie, Venison Jerky,

Side Dishes - Homemade bread, Homemade apple sauce, Bannock,

Snacks and Three deserts.

If you have not already responded, Bring whatever you would like, the list is just a sample of what other Members may be cooking up.There are plenty of plugs for crock pots, the stove top and oven, the charcoal grill (not sure if there is charcoal so you may want to bring your own), the gas grill and firewood to cook on. 

I also have received some pictures for the picture board (really hopeful more members send in their pictures from the past season harvests). 

A Special Invite to any of the current Probationary members to attend. You are most welcome and it would be a great opportunity to meet other Members.

Club Championship Shoot Off

Robin Hood

Legendary heroic outlaw Robin Hood from English folklore will be theme for this year’s Hawkeye Bowmen Club Championship Shoot Off.  
It will follow the Taste of Hawkeye on Saturday January 4th.  According to legend, Robin was a highly skilled archer who poached the King’s deer in Sherwood forest and robbed from the Rich to give to the poor, much to the frustration of the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff devised a plan to capture Robin. An Archery Tournament with a golden arrow that Robin could not resist entering would set the trap to capture the Outlaw Robin Hood.
The Tournament will be held on the Practice Range near Hawkeye’s very own legend’s Tom Quinn Building. There will be separate classes for Crossbows, Compound bows, Laminated Traditional bows and Self bows. Any type of arrow / bolt including golden is acceptable. See how You compare to the finest Archers at Hawkeye.
Perhaps even old Robin Hood may show up to capture the title of the
Best Archer at Hawkeye.

Shoot Report

2020 Taste of Hawkeye report

The dinner was well attended with 45 to 50 Members there. Folks started preparing their dishes early and by noon the counters were full of game dishes, side dishes and deserts. The photo board was full of pictures from this year's Members harvests. All of the food was excellent. The pride and care that went into preparing the dishes was apparent. Mark was busy measuring Archery killed racks. Mark Allessi won 1st place, Chuck Sardo won 2nd and Tom Heberling won 3rd. After Everyone was finished eating the 2020 Club Champion Shoot was held. Dino put together a excellent test of Archery Skills that followed the story of Robin Hood. Chuck Lafountain won the selfbow class, Dino won the traditional class, Glenn Mucha won the compound class and Ken Bitner won the crossbow class. To finish up the day, 

Jim, Glenn and Mark played several songs.

Brian Schlifke and Jim Bitner