2020 Spring Thaw Primitive Shoot

24th -26th April, 2020

Details to follow

Spring Thaw Primitive Shoot


April 26th, April 27th & April 28th 2019


Self-bows are made from a single piece or 2 pieces of wood spliced together at the handle. Natural backings such as sinew and rawhide are allowed.

Arrows from natural materials such as wood or river cane are the only types of arrows allowed.

Arrows used in competitions must be selfnock. EXCEPTIONS in equipment will be made for children who can shoot any form of stickbow and arrows.

Our spring thaw primitive shoot will take place over the weekend. 

Registration is open from 12pm Friday and all courses will close at 12 noon on Sunday. Cost is $20.00 for the weekend and $10.00 for day shooters.

We will offer a woods walk competition, primitive cooking competition, with a huge pot luck dinner on Saturday evening and please bring a dish to pass. 

Awards and prizes to follow.

If you have any questions please email us at hawkeyebowmen@yahoo.com

All Shooters must sign a Release Form before shooting. 

Please follow the flags on the courses and shoot from the designated shooting stake. 

After setting up your camp  please bring your vehicle down to the parking area. 

Keep all campfires attended and a reasonable size. 

Trash is pack it in/ Pack it out. 

Please keep the noise down after dark. 

Any questions, please ask. 

Thank you for attending this years Shoot.

This year marks our 15th year for this Shoot.  It is not a large event, We average between 25 to 40 shooters most years.  

Equipment is limited to primitive self bows ranging from North American Aboriginal bows to European Medieval bows. Many in attendance have made their own equipment. 

If you have a interest in seeing and learning about this type of equipment and other primitive skills please stop by to visit. Most events are Spectator friendly. Also there is a Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday that everyone is invited to attend. All you need to do is bring a dish to pass. 

Here is a list of the weekends events. 

Saturday is the best day to see the most.

Friday Noon Gates Open / Course Open
Friday (6:30pm) One log fire contest. You will need your (primitive) fire starting kit, a container that will hold a cup of water and a tool to split a log. Contest will take place in the driveway near the Tom Quinn building
Saturday (9:00 to 10:00am) Hawk and Knife throw
Saturday (10:00am until 11:00am) Woodswalk Qualifier. Bring your bow and selfnock arrows to the range near the Tom Quinn building.
Saturday (1:00pm sharp) Woodswalk  Finals
Saturday (4pm) Member only Arrow Exchange Meet at Clubhouse
Saturday (6pm) – Pot Luck Dinner, awards and Auction in the Clubhouse. Bring a dish to pass.
Sunday – Clout Shoot time to be announced
Sunday Noon - Course Closed

2018 Hawkeye Spring Thaw Selfbow Shoot

Sunny days and Cold clear nights greeted this year’s Shooters.  The number of shooters was down a little but the level of fun was way up! 

Colton Zach earned a well-deserved victory in the primitive fire contest on Friday evening. 

The Hawk and Knife Contest on Saturday morning was well attended and very challenging with several stations. Dino Zach took first place among the adults 

This years Woodswalk had a Gold Rush theme which included panning for gold and fishing in the Hawkeye creek along with shooting bows and the smelting of gold nuggets! Brian won first place. 

The Boss Gobbler Shoot Off went several rounds and was decided in the final round by less than 1 inch. Jim Newhouse won the title of 2018 Hawkeye Boss Gobbler! 

The first ever arrow display and exchange turned out to be a bunch of fun with some unbelievably fine crafted arrows entered. 

There was plenty to eat at Saturday’s Pot Luck dinner and awards.   Followed by a special auction with the proceeds going to Hawkeye’s Youth Program this Summer. Dave Reed will have all of the exact numbers but even with the recent Winter weather and lower attendance, we managed to make a nice profit from the Shoot and very nice size donation from the Auction for the Hawkeye Youth program. Sunday morning there will be a long distance Clout Shoot and the course will be open until noon. 

I would like to personally Thank You to Everyone who had a part in putting this together and all who attended. 



2017 (Primitive) Spring Thaw Shoot

This Year marked year Fourteen for our Spring Thaw Selfbow Shoot. While not as large as other Hawkeye Shoots, it was well attended considering the specialized nature. We had folks from Michigan, Ontario, Ottawa, Central and Western New York show up to shoot and share their knowledge about "Primitive" Archery. In addition to the courses to shoot, there were some competitions held and on Saturday a Awards Dinner was held. Thank You to All who attended and Thank You to the Hawkeye Members who helped out.

Brian Schlifke