Snowshoe shoot 2018 (members only)

2018 Hawkeye Snowshoe Shoot

2018 Hawkeye Snowshoe Shoot

It was a cold morning with a bright blue sky and just enough snow that the course could be run with snowshoes. All Classes were well represented this year with a total of 18 Shooters. In addition to the 18 Shooters, 6 Spectators attended. 

There was a real nice fire going at the start line to keep warm by while the Shooters waited for Hannah to send them off. 

The Compound Class shot first followed by the Traditional Class with the Primitive Class leaving last. The half mile course consisted of 5 3D targets and one paper target (the Wild Yeti). Scoring was 10,8,5. 

Afterwards, Phil and Dave cooked up a hot lunch of hot dogs and chili along with a great salad made by Lynnn. The “Traveling Deer Call” was raffled off. Mark Thill will take the call with him hunting this Fall. T Shirts were awarded to the Winners in each Class. 

Some Members had brought up some projects they have been working on including Andy who brought up some of the nicest handmade knives I have seen. Dino had some primitive snowshoe frames he built from raw materials from his woodlot.

I would like to thank Hannah for doing the start line times, Dave B. for doing the finish line times, Kevin for helping setup targets and supplying the Yeti target, Phil and Dave for cooking Lunch, Tom H. for helping pick up targets, Lynn for taking pictures, Sue for maintaining the campfire and everyone else who attended. It was a real nice morning at Hawkeye!


Here are the complete results:


Ken 51 (no time)

Mark A 49 (8:35)

Case 44 (12:56)

Jack 29 (no time)


Mark T 51 (8:56)

Tom D 41 (12:00)

Andy 39 (6:31) Fastest time for the Day

Mark M 39 (11:00)

Frank 30 (14:02)


Colton 51 (15:00)

Brian 46 (16:02)

Kevin 39 (15:09)

Hole in the Bow Chuck 36 (15:18)

Jim N. 35 (12:28)

Rob 34 (12:02)

Tom H 30 (10:35)

Dino 28 (7:30)

Gene 28 (14:45)