Spring Thaw Primitive Shoot

April 20th, April 21st & April 22nd, 2018


Self-bows are made from a single piece or 2 pieces of wood spliced together at the handle. Natural backings such as sinew and rawhide are allowed.

Arrows from natural materials such as wood or river cane are the only types of arrows allowed.

Arrows used in competitions must be selfnock. EXCEPTIONS in equipment will be made for children who can shoot any form of stickbow and arrows.

Our spring thaw primitive shoot will take place over the weekend. 

Registration is open from 12pm Friday and all courses will close at 12 noon on Sunday. Cost is $20.00 for the weekend and $10.00 for day shooters.

We will offer a woods walk competition, primitive cooking competition, with a huge pot luck dinner on Saturday evening and please bring a dish to pass. 

Awards and prizes to follow.

If you have any questions please email us at hawkeyebowmen@yahoo.com

2017 (Primitive) Spring Thaw Shoot

This Year marked year Fourteen for our Spring Thaw Selfbow Shoot. While not as large as other Hawkeye Shoots, it was well attended considering the specialized nature. We had folks from Michigan, Ontario, Ottawa, Central and Western New York show up to shoot and share their knowledge about "Primitive" Archery. In addition to the courses to shoot, there were some competitions held and on Saturday a Awards Dinner was held. Thank You to All who attended and Thank You to the Hawkeye Members who helped out.

Brian Schlifke