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Legacy Shoot of 2018

June 20, 2018

Webster defines the word Legacy as something received from a predecessor. The current generation of Members inherited from the previous generations of Members a very special place named Hawkeye Bowmen. An irreplaceable treasure of an Archery Club with a long history. I am certain that we all would like to pass on this Strong Legacy to the next Generation of Hawkeye Caretakers.
On June 20th, Forty Members got together to celebrate Hawkeye Bowmen. The Clubhouse, Ranges and Grounds were in excellent shape. Arrows were shot, food, drinks and the Comradery of Archery were enjoyed by all. This picture was captured as a reminder to all involved just how special Hawkeye is to us. 
Thank you to all who attended the Legacy Night and may Hawkeye Bowmen continue as a treasure for many future Generations of Archers,
Brian Schlifke
Please note: There were a few camera shy Members who were not in the photo

Members Corner

Members Night Hawkeye Classic Knife Giveaway


Wednesday May 10, 2017

(Same Night as the Steak Night)

In memory of two "Classic" Hawkeye Members (Tommy Quinn and Dick Zawacki) who always enjoyed Members nights on Wednesdays!

The Give Away is open to all Hawkeye Members

To enter in the Giveaway: You must shoot a bow at ether our Practice Range or the Blue 3D course on Wednesday May 10. Once you have shot your bow, place your name in the container at the Tom Quinn building next to the range or the container at the Zawacki's Crossing bridge on the Blue course. At around 6:45 pm a name will be drawn to win a "Classic" Case Trapper knife.

No keeping scores. Just shoot your bow. It is that easy!

Prize donated anonymously. Attached please find a picture of the knife and also pictures of Tommy and Dick for those who might not know who they were.

Take care,

Brian Schlifke.

Up in Heaven, Tommy Quinn, Dick Zawacki, George Dunn, Matt Cochrane and Dick Glena were smiling down on Hawkeye tonight. There were 53 tickets for the knife giveaway tonight, which meant somewhere between 27 and 53 Members shot a bow at the Club tonight! Best estimate would be around 30 Members shot at least one arrow! The Winner of the Case knife was Ken Bittner. Kenny said as soon as he got home it was going in his turkey hunting vest. Hopefully Ken will send a picture of it in use for the Newsletter. 

Members Night Scavenger Hunt


May 10th, 2017

In addition to the May 10th Case Trapper knife giveaway, there will be 2 Step Ceramic Knife Sharpener to be found. To find it just follow the clues. Be the first to find it and it is yours. 

On May 10th, the first clue will be located within sight of the Tom Quinn Building at a living tribute to a true Gentleman "Hawkeye's Poet" who always enclosed a tree leaf in his correspondences. 

Take care,



After sorting through several clues, the knife sharpener was found by Jim Newhouse. 

(In memory of George Dunn) Your first clue will be located within sight of the Tom Quinn Building at a living tribute to a true Gentleman "Hawkeye's Poet" who always enclosed a tree leaf in his correspondences.

Answer was the tree planted in memory of George Dunn


Clue1 (In Memory of Matt Cochrane who designed the current under the lights course) No need to stop shooting after the Sun sets, if you turn this on

Answer was the switch on the back of the barn to turn on the Night Course


Clue 2  (In Memory of Past President Dick Glenna for all of his hard work) Regardless of your equipment, this former President of Hawkeye could put together a challenging and fun course for You. He was often seen carrying targets in this being pulled by the John Deere AMT 600

Answer was the target trailer


Clue 3 (In Memory all of the Founding Members who started Hawkeye and in gratitude to all of the Members who have kept it alive for all of these years)The Sharpener is located at the Marker that celebrates The founding of Hawkeye Bowmen

Answer was the Marker Stone in front of the deck


Blanket Shoot


Wednesday July 5
Blanket Shoot Night Bring a prize for the blanket, shoot the Members course and turn in your card by 7pm, Highest to Lowest score in each class picks a prize off the blanket for their class. Note: Members course open to shoot regardless of whether you choose to participate in the Blanket Shoot (First try for this. Time will tell if there is interest)


Mother Nature gave us beautiful Summertime weather for our Blanket Shoot. We had a good turnout of Twenty Members who shot in the Blanket Shoot along with Three Members who just shot the course. Twenty Three Members had their bows out on a Wednesday Night at Hawkeye!

Each Class was well represented and the prizes were great. Jack Coad shot a perfect score that won him first pick from the Compound blanket, John Wiehe shot a 92 which won him first pick from the Traditional blanket and "Hole in the Bow" Chuck shot a 89 which won him first pick from the Self bow blanket. I would personally like to Thank all who participated. It was a fun night. If there is continued interest, maybe we can do it again next summer.
Take care,


Wednesday July 12
Vintage Bow Night Bring up your older Compounds and Traditional bows. Bernie Tobolski will have some Bear bows from his collection on display and may be able to answer some of your questions regarding older Bear Archery equipment.  

Members course open to shoot with your modern bow or vintage bow (We have done this in the past and had a good turnout)



Despite the threat of Heavy Rain, there turned out to be only a couple of light rain showers. Tom Dyll opened up the Tom Quinn Building so there was a dry place to display the bows. Fifteen Members brought up about 35 older bows ranging from longbows from the 1920s and 30s to 1950 and 60s era recurves to 1980s compounds. There were some beautiful bows laid out on tarps and blankets. Bernie had a real nice display of Bear Archery bows from his Collection and John Wiehe brought up a reference book with dates and info on Bear bows. Many of the bows were shot on the range and at some aerial targets. It was fun to see and talk about all of the old gear. A Special Thank You to Bernie!

Take care,


Wednesday July 19 

Aerial Night bring up your flu flu arrows to shoot aerials on the practice range. The Members course will be open also



Real nice evening up at Hawkeye! There  was a great turnout for shooting aerials. At one point the whole practice line was full. Very cool to see all the arrows flying towards the sky. Dave Bensley was the thrower and by the end I bet his arm hurt!  Dave also set up the Club's chronograph and several bows shot through it. The Blue and Yellow course had folks out shooting  the 3ds. Quite a few Members later hung out at the picnic tables to enjoy a cold beverage. I would estimate well over 20 Members shooting their bows at some point with another 4 or 5 just hanging out. 



Wednesday August 2  

If you have a interest in learning how to Brain Tan a hide, mark Wednesday Aug. 2 on your Calendar. 

Rob has generously agreed to do a Tanning Demo for Hawkeye Members. Rob does beautiful work and his hides are as good as any out there. He helped me with learning how to do my first hide and if I can tan one, you can also.

Aug. 2 at Hawkeye will also be Grand kids and Kids Night at the Club. How cool will it be to see some Kids out on the courses with their Parents and Grandparents!



Another good evening at Hawkeye!

It was great to see smiling kids out shooting bows with their Parents and Grandparents. Not sure who was having the most fun the kids or the adults. In addition to the kids shooting, there were a dozen or more Members who shot the 3D course. Up on the hill, Rob Marcotte put on a outstanding brain tanning demo for about 10 Adult Members along with some wide eyed kids watching. "Hands on" was encouraged and Rob patiently answered all questions. Thank you very much Rob for taking the time to put it together! Like I said it was a real good evening at Hawkeye.

Take care, Brian

Dart Night

Wednesday  August 23

Kevin has created some giant dart boards and is planning some sort of "dart game" using bows. Looks like the weather will be nice tonight (8/23). Stop up at the Club if you are interested in giving it a try.Please note: this will not interfere with anyone who just wants to shoot or hangout.

Take care, Brian



Kevin asked that I send out a update and thank you to all who shot Archery "Darts" tonight. There was a excellent turnout. There was enough shooters that we split into two groups (One group of mostly Compounds that shot at the 20 yard bale, One group of mostly Stickbows that shot at the 10 yard bale). It was excellent practice and all involved had a good time. Kevin left one of the targets he made up on the range for anyone who would like to give it a try. For anyone who has issues with walking the trails in the woods, the range is easily accessible and walking is minimal. With the interest there was tonight, perhaps it could be done again sometime in the future? 

Take care, Brian

Side note to Kevin:. The Members who shot tonight would like to Thank Kevin for painting up all the targets and organizing the shoot.

Member in print